Starting an Amazon business is hard. It is very important to leverage third party service providers and outsource the non-essential business activity, so that the sellers can really focus on the core. Here are 20 services providers that help sellers to grow their Amazon businesses.

4 Things You Should Know When Switching Your IT Service Providers to help your Amazon business
Things You Should Know When Switching Your Service Providers to Help Your Amazon Business

Moreover, the amount of service provider resources in hand, and the quality of the service provider, to a certain extent also determine the success or failure of this seller, which should not be underestimated.

The next two articles will enumerate the list of service providers that we will most likely use in the operation process, and let sellers who have just entered the industry know which service provider resources should be mastered next, which can be regarded as their own reserve power.

  1. Company registration agency and bookkeeping service
  2. Third-party payment collection service
  3. Operation training service
  4. Product research tool / service
  5. Product photography, picture design, and video shooting service
  6. Copywriting service
  7. ERP management service
  8. Freight forwarding service
  9. 3PL oversea warehouse service
  10. Inventory clearance service

Company registration agency and bookkeeping service

In the past, personal information could also be used to register an Amazon store, but now Amazon requires sellers to be a registered company in a lot of markets. Sellers can register the company themselves, but they have to study the registration process, which takes time and energy.

At this time, we often find an external agency company to file the company registration and to do book-keeping.

Third-party payment collection service

Due to foreign exchange control in some countries, foreign currencies sold on Amazon cannot be directly transferred to domestic bank cards. Therefore, if sellers is located in countries (e.g. China) or North America sellers operate stores in South East Asia, a third-party collection account is required. Service agencies such as Lianlian Pay, Payoneer, PingPong can provide payment collection service.

Operation training service

It is becoming more difficult for a seller with no e-commerce experience if it is completely self-exploring. First, it takes a long time and a lot of energy to research. Second, many unnecessary trap may be stepped on in the process. The opportunity cost can be relatively high.

Therefore, there have also been service providers that provide Amazon business operational training. Some of them provide practical training and a lot of them are just scam. Some are expensive, and some are cheap. There are online training and offline training.

Product research tool / service

As you move deeper into the woods. The most important thing is product selection. If the product selection process is based on your own personal preference, the probability of failure may be high. All kinds of product selection software or tools have emerged.

Product photography, picture design, video shooting service

Some sellers will choose to take pictures and retouch them by themselves, but this can be a very time-consuming task. If you leave it to a professional person, you will get twice the result with half the effort in many cases. At the moment, service fee will not be very expensive.

Copywriting service

Most sellers know English, and they can still handle it if they operate Amazon store in US or UK. But if you want to operate in other language site such as German, French, or Japanese, you may need to use a service provider that provides copy translation.

ERP management service

When the company operation continues to scale up and product SKUs continue to increase, operational tasks can grow out of control. Then at this time an ERP management system is needed, which can free up sellers from trivial matters and provide better transparency and tool for a more efficient operation.

Freight forwarding service

For most FBA business, you have to ship to the Amazon warehouse from overseas. You must have a service provider that manage those shipments. The key is to find a reliable service provider who can maintain a consistent service level.

3PL oversea warehouse service

Third-party overseas warehouses (3PL) can provide services such as warehousing, transit, forwarding, labeling. Many sellers will use them as a “buffer”, especially in special year like 2020.

Inventory clearance service

No seller can guarantee that their products will sell 100%. If the quantity of unsalable products is small, the loss of choosing to dispose by the Amazon warehouse is not large. If the quantity is large, find a service provider who can help clean up the inventory, and to a certain extent, can recover some loss.