If you have been wondering if Amazon FBA shipping might work for you, you will want to look into Amazon FBA Shipping to One Warehouse process. You can use Amazon FBA ship to one fulfillment tips and tricks to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Amazon seller’s account.

If you have to ship large numbers of your goods and products to Amazon for sale, you might have realized that they tend to break up the batch into smaller batches and send them to unique locations. While this is good for Amazon and their supply chain needs, it can cost you money that you should not be having to spend to deliver our goods to them for sale. This is where using the FBA ship to one warehouse processes outlined in this article can help you to avoid this problem and save some money.

If you are ready to learn more about the ways that you can avoid shipping charges by sending your goods to one Amazon FBA warehouse, read!

A Common Scenario

Say that you have $2,000 worth of product to deliver to Amazon for resale. You will probably assume that your freight forwarder will just send the whole batch to Amazon for resale and you will have one shipping fee associated with this process. This is a reasonable assumption since this is the way that this process works with almost every other entity that sells for those who have seller’s accounts.

However, with Amazon, you might pay as much as $4,000 to ship your $2,000 worth of products to unique and separate locations! This is a worst-case scenario, but it can happen and that can make your actual income from your sales less than zero. This is a huge issue with Amazon FBA services and you need to be aware that this might be happening in the background of your freight transfers without you even knowing about it in advance.

Amazon FBA Shipping to One Warehouse

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem and you should look into using it as soon as possible if you ship large quantities of products to Amazon on a regular basis. This service is called Amazon Inventory Placement. This service allows you to place your items at one warehouse so that you can save money on shipping.

You will pay reduced fees with this service and there are standard fees that you can expect for every shipment which is a really nice perk. Being sure that you are going to spend a set amount for these transfers can be really helpful to your cost management and cost control overall throughout the year.

UnitCost / unit1 lb or less$0.30102 lb$0.40Oversize at 5 lbs or less$1.30Oversize at 5 lbs or more$1.30+0.20/lb over the first 5 lbs

This table shows you the freight charges for the items that you would send using this service and you can see how much easier it is to control your costs and track what you will have to pay to send your items to Amazon to sell. This is well worth the effort of getting signed up for the service as you will save thousands of dollars over the course of a year with a seller’s account on the platform.

Many people will save hundreds of dollars on each shipment without having to even worry about there being surprises using this service. This is a valuable option when compared to having to guess at your shipping costs and having no control over how far away your items were shipped to be distributed and sold by Amazon on your behalf.

How do I Use One Fulfillment Center Services?

To use this service you will just need to follow some simple steps. These items are easy to access from your Amazon Sellers Account page and you will realize that you have been looking at them and not knowing that they were going to help you this much!

1.  Go to Your Sellers Account page

You will look at the home page and see that there are fulfillment settings that you can select. You will want to use the fulfillment settings option in the top right corner to access these options for your needs.

2.  Click on Fulfillment By Amazon Option

This is located at the bottom of the list and you will want to select it and then navigate to the “inbound” settings option.

3.  Change Your Inventory Placement Option

This is an internal list that is inside the inbound settings function. You will change your inventory from the default of “distributed inventory placement” to “inventory placement service”.

4.  Click Update to Save

Once you have clicked update to save, you should see that your settings are different. Go look at your menu settings to be sure that you have made the change successfully.

And you’re done! This is an easy process and one that many people were not aware they could even choose!

Changing to Inventory Placement Services Can Make a Big Difference

Changing to a single warehousing location for your Amazon FBA deliveries can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the year and you will be so glad that you made this swap for your business needs. There is no sense in helping Amazon pay for the costs of delivering your items to a location they chose for you and you should be happy that you can control your costs and be sure what they will be per shipment each time you send an order to Amazon.

Making sure that Amazon is working hard for you is the key factor in making money on the platform and taking control over the freight costs that are associated with sending them inventory makes a big difference in your bottom line. You will find that you have never made so much money using Amazon for your sales, and all because of this simple change.