This case study highlights how ForwarderOne’s extraordinary service keeps FBA sellers stocked up during the holiday season. With comprehensive FBA freight forwarding services helped a struggling FBA seller keep their inventory stocked during the busy holiday season. The seller, with 3,000 units of 100 different SKUs, faced several challenges in stocking up their inventory. Thanks to ForwarderOne’s tailored solutions, they managed to maintain a 99% in-stock rate.


The FBA seller encountered the following challenges:

  1. Amazon imposed an inventory limit on their account, preventing them from sending all their manufactured products to the warehouse.
  2. The high cost of air shipping made it unaffordable for the seller to replenish their entire inventory using this method.
  3. The seller had difficulty predicting how many units to manufacture for each product, as some sold quickly while others moved slowly.


ForwarderOne provided the following solutions to address the seller’s challenges:

Just-in-time manufacturing: ForwarderOne coordinated with the seller to implement a just-in-time manufacturing strategy, allowing them to produce inventory as needed and avoid overstocking.

Prioritizing urgent inventory: The most urgent inventory was sent via air shipping to quickly replenish stocks of fast-selling products.

Simultaneous ocean freight: An ocean freight shipment was sent simultaneously to lower the overall shipping cost per unit, making it more affordable for the seller. 4. Ongoing ocean freight shipments: ForwarderOne arranged for weekly ocean freight shipments to their Los Angeles warehouse, allowing the seller to maintain a steady flow of inventory.

Repackaging and labeling in the US: ForwarderOne took care of repackaging and labeling the products in their Los Angeles warehouse as needed, ensuring compliance with FBA requirements and streamlining the shipping process.

Temporary storage in Yiwu: ForwarderOne provided temporary storage for the seller’s remaining inventory in Yiwu, offering flexibility and cost savings.


Thanks to ForwarderOne’s tailored solutions and expertise in FBA freight forwarding, the seller experienced the following results:

Inventory management: The seller was able to keep over 99% of their products in stock throughout the holiday season, despite the challenges they faced.

Cost savings: The combination of air shipping for urgent inventory and ocean freight for regular inventory lowered the seller’s overall shipping costs.

Improved stock prediction: With just-in-time manufacturing and ongoing shipments, the seller was better able to predict and manage their inventory needs.

Enhanced FBA compliance: ForwarderOne’s repackaging and labeling services ensured that the seller’s products met Amazon’s FBA requirements.

Increased flexibility: Temporary storage solutions in Yiwu and Los Angeles provided the seller with greater flexibility and cost-effective inventory management.


ForwarderOne’s extraordinary service and customized solutions enabled the FBA seller to overcome the challenges they faced during the holiday season. By leveraging their expertise in FBA freight forwarding, ForwarderOne ensured that the seller maintained a high in-stock rate, reduced shipping costs, improved inventory predictions, and complied with FBA requirements.

This case study demonstrates how ForwarderOne goes above and beyond to provide tailored, effective solutions for FBA sellers, helping them thrive even during the busiest times of the year. By partnering with ForwarderOne, FBA sellers can trust that their inventory management and shipping needs will be expertly handled, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.